FAQs: Data Recovery

Depends on condition & damage level. Normally 24 hrs to 48 hrs.
Yes, if possible to recover data within one to two hrs. otherwise, we provide free pick-up & deliver.
Yes, we recover data from damage laptop, notebook, netbook?

FAQs: Laptop Repair

Simple, just share us your complete location details by WhatsApp:- 052-9314080 or email:- help @ laptoprepairsharjah.com
We provide free check-up, free pick-up and free delivery service. We are a complete computer workshop, having latest machines for fixing any kind of hardware issue.
Yes, we do if it’s possible to fix the laptop in one to two hrs.

FAQs: MacBook Repair

Yes, this is our specialty to fix deep level logic board circuits.
Yes, we fix all hardware issues.
Yes, we fix no power iMac, upgrade the speed, upgrade the SSD, change the screen etc.

FAQs: Printer Repair

Yes, basic configuration or wireless setup.
Yes, we fix laser printer.
No, Because these printer values are around 150 Dhs. to 250 Dhs . and damage parts value + service cost = 150 Dhs to 250 Dhs.

FAQs: Wireless Router Installation

Yes, we repair wireless router, range extender, modem etc.
Yes, you need to buy the range extender or wireless repeater that will increase the range.
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